This is my yen.

The integrity
Of a stolid tree
The candor
Of the wind whispering with the leaves
The diligence
Of those very leaves
The freedom
Of the clouds
The responsibility
Of the earth
The trust
Of monkeys on a mountain-top
The love
Of the rain
Firm friendship
Like those of the stars
Populating my sky;
My sky
So high and pure
And above everything else…
My independent moon
Reigning in the shadow of power
Your fortitude?
Your patience?
The ascetism of the sun
And his love for work,
As he plays with shadows, mine…

The music of silence.
The profundity of roots.
Mornings of sunshine.
Nights of rain.
Rain without barriers.
Mountains of mist.
Mists of thoughts,
Birth of clarity.
We the I
Purposes of purposes
Teaching the fish to swim
And the birds to fly
And the man to soar…
Earning my joy.

Endless, endless happiness.
The peace of happiness.
The happiness of peace.

To ask you your spirit,
In this life, mine…
Asking for too much?

(16.12.2007, 20th birthday)