From the top of the lighthouse

I am the light
That shines in a stream
Across the sands of the beach,
Making the grains glimmer.
Running in circles
I shine on, to penetrate
To the end of the endless sky
Till the depths of the ocean’s profundity.
From the heights of the clouds
To the heads in the crowds
I look, I peek, I search, I seek.
My circles, they seem eternal;
I seek their culmination.
Myself, I seem shallow
I seek my depth.

Looking beyond me
To find myself;
Looking into the heart of the city
And the crests of the waves…
I guide the sailor on the mast.
The city that sleeps, I awake
In the prelude to dawn.
I look at thee, to find me
You look at me, and find you!
My search, unto me, 
Yet my light, you see.
Call me a ‘beacon’, you do
For I have shown your way to you
Your security, I secure
While my lack of it, I endure.