The Songbird

A voice, I heard
Echoing through eternity

Answering a yearning
Filling a void
Creating me, anew

Your song threaded

Its way through the bustles
Of the ordered chaos
Making up my mundane life
And spoke to my soul
Spoke a new voice

Unheard, not relished

It was a song

Composed and sung
Only for me
And heard
Only by me.

Song bird, oh songbird!

I sought to possess
You, your song.

Not knowing I had it
And had made it mine
The moment you sang it
The moment I heard it.

Songbird, I searched you out
And robbed you of your voice
Your voice, alone

And bade it sing
My own songs
For me, for ever.

O, songbird without the voice
Flitting along in silence,
You lost not your song!

Voice without the songbird
Imprisoned in my cage
Your silence is without song!

My cages are powerful
For they cage me in.
Spinning in circles
Chasing my own tail
Caught in my perceptions
And conceptions,
I play a game of blind-man’s-buff
With myself
Lonelier now…
Without your song
Imprisoned, by me, in me
To relieve, to sustain, to liberate.

Out you go
Voice of the songbird
To be mine.

Flit among your trees
Scale the yellow peaks
Speak in tongues
Of the people you see
And the places you go
Far away from me…

I shall hear on.
For you sing, songbird
All the songs, all the songs.